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We live at a time when beauty is no longer a question of age. Women and men alike now want their looks to last. As the founder of TEOXANE Laboratories, I fully understand this ever growing desire to look and feel your best. So I have gathered around me experts in the complex development of hyaluronic acid injectable gels and cosmeceuticals. Together we are there to accompany you on your journey into the world of beauty. By our side, research teams driven by a strong culture of excellence, innovation and safety ensure that the hyaluronic acid gels we develop and produce here in Switzerland are of the highest quality and purity. That is my promise to you.

Valérie Taupin

Founder & CEO, TEOXANE

Inspirational Woman -  Interview on ELLE SWITZERLAND

Inspirational Woman -  Interview on ELLE SWITZERLAND

" In an emergency, my energy levels skyrocket. I mobilize all my strengths when I feel I’m in danger."

Teoxane, a company specialized in manufacturing hyaluronic acid dermal fillers, was founded by Valérie Taupin in 2003, and she has been running it ever since with masterful leadership. She admits to never having a career plan. Everything was built step by step in accordance with opportunities, and at times, hardships. Freshly graduated with a double curriculum in science and business, the young entrepreneur landed a job in Germany. And that was how it all started… Valérie Taupin is a woman of strong character and determination, who speaks in a soft and melodic voice.

ELLE SWITZERLAND. Talk to us about your professional ambitions.
VALÉRIE TAUPIN. I never had professional ambitions! When I was 22 years old, I opened an office in a business centre in Germany and I started to market liposuccion garments. After that I sold breast implants. I was always interested in the plastic surgery sector and it became the guideline of my career path. A meeting with an eminent professor did the rest. He had just invented a new wrinkle filler product, and he put me in charge of marketing it. I’ve always been self-reliant and have never needed to be managed. I developed a passion for these injections, and for marketing.

ELLE SWITZERLAND. What is your greatest satisfaction in this field?
VALÉRIE TAUPIN. Founding my own company from scratch when I was barely 26 years old. I am a self-taught woman. TEOXANE was created in 2003 and it was both a terrific and terrifying year, where I had to overcome monumental obstacles. Among which was dismissing my sub-contractor, designing and developing my own products, and learning how to manufacture them industrially. I started from a blank page and did not hesitate to engage in costly investments.

ELLE SWITZERLAND. Tell us about a person who influenced your career.
VALÉRIE TAUPIN. One of my Professors! He recommended two things: “First: after your studies, you must move abroad. Going to Germany at the very beginning of my career opened my mind. After that experience, I was never afraid of going international or of exporting. The second: never look a the cost of a project, but project yourself solely onto its added value.”
I prefer to focus my energy in developing TEOXANE rather than in day-to-day management. Furthermore, I prefer to take the risk of making a mistake rather than missing out on opportunities; I invest a lot of my time and am very disciplined about it. I do not accept failure, and so I work very hard.

ELLE SWITZERLAND. Share some of your dreams with us…
VALÉRIE TAUPIN. My dreams? Everything I do is motivated by day-to-day events. I’m currently working on a big project that means a lot to me.

ELLE SWITZERLAND. You are successful, however is that what it takes to have a successful life?
VALÉRIE TAUPIN. Everything is connected. Today our products have been approved by the most important bodies in the United States. This success touches me deeply and is a source of personal fulfilment. Nonetheless, one cannot have a successful life if one is not happy in one’s personal life, which I am.

ELLE SWITZERLAND. Do conflicts or difficulties prevent you from sleeping at night?
VALÉRIE TAUPIN. I can spend the night thinking, or writing texts that help me to find a solution. In an emergency, my energy levels skyrocket. I mobilize all my strengths when I feel I’m in danger.

ELLE SWITZERLAND. Do you have a lively and spontaneous temperament, or are you the calm and reflective type?
VALÉRIE TAUPIN. Both actually. I am vivacious and spontaneous and small details can annoy me. I loathe mediocrity. But if something serious happens, I become very calm. I take responsibility and lead my troops.

ELLE SWITZERLAND. Do you easily put your trust in people?
VALÉRIE TAUPIN. When I was younger I trusted easily and was quite naïve. Today, this has been considerably toned down at quite a considerable expense. I’ve learnt to decipher personalities. So when I am disappointed by something that is important to me, I have a hard time retracing my steps.

ELLE SWITZERLAND. What revolts you in everyday life?
VALÉRIE TAUPIN.Children’s illness! Their life is stolen from them. I’ve been working for the past fifteen years with the Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque Association, presided by Professor Francine Leca. She brings to France children from third world countries suffering from cardiac malformations and operates them to save them. This energetic and charismatic woman fascinates me, and I modestly contribute to her action.

ELLE SWITZERLAND.  Do you have children?
VALÉRIE TAUPIN. Yes, I have a thirteen year-old daughter. She’s been a total delight ever since I stopped the diapers and that she’s been walking and talking! (laughs).

ELLE SWITZERLAND. What would you like to change?
VALÉRIE TAUPIN. The prevailing atmosphere of gloominess and defeatism. Waiting for the Government to do everything for you is not the solution (some people abuse). One must be able to reinvent oneself and to question oneself.

ELLE SWITZERLAND. What are the qualities and the strengths that you are most proud of?
VALÉRIE TAUPIN. Resilience. And looking back on my career, I certainly needed a lot. I am persevering, and am an enthusiast. I spot opportunities and minimise the obstacles. And so as to avoid getting discouraged, I forbid myself to think about all the steps needed to attain my goal.

ELLE SWITZERLAND.  What about the faults that really bother you?
VALÉRIE TAUPIN. My naivety, but fortunately it has lessened over the years. I am impulsive and have little patience.

ELLE SWITZERLAND. What do you demand from your “collaborators”?
VALÉRIE TAUPIN. I cannot bear mediocrity. I like to surround myself with talented and passionate people in all walks of life, from the artisan baker to the designer.

ELLE SWITZERLAND. Do you have a proverb in particular that you could endorse?
VALÉRIE TAUPIN.The first one: “A secret life is a happy life”. I founded my company when I was very young and in order not to provoke jealousy I made myself very small and discreet. I developed my business quietly until it was too late to hamper it. Another saying: “What is well conceived is clearly explained”.

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