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Injections techniques

Before choosing what injection techniques use and opt for a needle or a cannula, the practitioner should always consider and evaluate the severity of the wrinkles or volume loss, the thickness of the skin, the anatomy of the treated area and of course the type of HA to inject in terms of rheology and control of the injections.

Then it’s a matter of personal preference. Among the variety of injections techniques, each practitioner feels more comfortable with specific techniques and has preference to use mainly needle or cannula.

Linear threading technique injection



This technique is widely used and is very comfortable for the patient. It consists in inserting the needle along the length of the skin depression then depositing regulary the product while removing the needle. The depth of the injection varies depending on the type of product used and the depth of the wrinkles.

Fan technique injection



Using a single injection point, this method makes it possible to change the direction of the needle and precisely inject the product into the whole depression zone.
It involves inserting the needle and depositing the product while slowly but not fully withdrawing the needle, and then repositioning the needle again until the entire zone is filled.

multi-puncture technique injection



This consists in administering multiple very superficial injections of small amounts of product. The injection sites are very close together and evenly distributed over the surface to be treated or forming a line along the length of the wrinkle.
This technique can be performed using a needle or an injection gun.

Nappage technique injection



This technique involves multiples threading injections, in grid pattern, in vertical and horizontal directions.


Injections techniques adapted to Teosyal® PureSense Redensity [I]

Teosyal Redensity I

Recommended techniques to restructure the skin and reduce shadow area - Areas : Face, neck, neckline

Multi-bolus technique injection

Multi-bolus technique*

Recommended for the face and neckline, this technique is to make puncture injections (point by point), called bolus, of a small amount of product of no more than 0.05ml in the superficial to the mid dermis** 1cm apart. Make sure that no raised areas should be evident on the surface of the skin, if this occurs gently massage until even.

Retrograde technique injection

Retrograde technique adapted to Teosyal® PureSense Redensity I***

This technique is to make injections into the mid dermis, using a linear technique. Insert the needle at an angle of 45°, along the cutaneous depression, and then deposit the product in the mid dermis while removing the needle gently. After injection, do not hesitate to massage the injected area.

Recommended technique to unify the complexion

Multipuncture technique injection

Multipuncture technique

This technique is to make multiple injections of small quantity of product into the epidermis. The injection points are very close one to another and distributed evenly across the area to be treated forming a line along the wrinkle.

Multicentric  study  Teosyal  Meso  vs.  Teosyal®  PureSense  Redensity  I,  September  2010, Dr Carré, Dr Vivier, France.
** Regarding the glabella area and all the neuro-vascular junctions areas (nasal spines for example), it is highly recommended to inject in the
superficial dermis after suction control (to withdraw the plunger of the syringe before injecting) to avoid all risks of extravasation or accidental neuritis.
*** Prelaunch study of technical feasibility and satisfaction, June-August 2011, France, 30 physicians.

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